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12mo. – 4 years

Calling all Toddlers! Le Petit Bebe usually keeps a roster of 10-14 children, ranging from ages 12 months to 4 years of age.

Classroom Fun

We have both an indoor classroom for structured learning lessons and a spacious outdoor area for fun learning activities.

Le Petit Buddies

We’re all about a loving environment where our children learn to build friendships & develop social skills for pre-school.

Organic Eats

To ensure that the Petit Bebes are eating nutritious food during their stay, we provide healthy Organic snacks/lunches every day.

Activities Galore

Not only do our children love to have fun, but we love to have fun with them. Le Petit Bebe provides special activities from painting, to yoga, to “Animaly,” in which children welcome guest animals to learn about them.

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Loving Team

We have seasoned professionals with years of experience who work hard to keep our children engaged while enjoying weekly lessons.

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Celebrate Diversity

We celebrate diversity and welcome multicultural backgrounds! As part of our program, we offer both general & Judaic studies, including multi-cultural music/art/dance as well.

Fresh Moroccan Dishes Daily

At our daycare, we strive to provide nutritious and fresh food with a rich and delicious organic variety from the Moroccan kitchen including: Moroccan meatballs, couscous, fresh salmon, soups, brown rice, quinoa and more.

We also provide fresh organic seasonal fruits and vegetables such as bananas, strawberries, watermelon, avocado, zucchini and eggplant. In between we will provide healthy snacks such as crackers and organic vegetables and fruits.

Under our loving care, we’re committed to providing your children with a healthy and nutritious diet!

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Le petit bebe day care is all about your child feeling comfortable, confident, and challenged.
Spend sometime with us and you will see children who are having fun , learning and feeling good about themselves
Free school for kids of AGE 8 months to 5 years
We’re here to help when you have last minute disruptions to your regular child care arrangements.
When employers are considering bringing child care to their workplace, Le Petit Bebe Daycare is an invaluable part of the team.
We Speak French, Spanish, English and Hebrew.

When a child first enters our school,
we look to provide an appealing environment that enables them to build trust, comfort, and a feeling of safety here at Le Petit Bebe Daycare . Once a child is comfortable with their new friends and teacher, only then will they be able to grasp knowledge.

What our clients are saying

Since our establishment in 2010, we’ve humbly kept a 5-Star rating on Yelp

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We love, love, love Le Petit Bébé!

Our 20-month old daughter is so excited to go to “skooool” everyday. Anies and her team are outstanding – from the home-cooked meals to the endless activities (educational and just plain fun!) to the endless love and attention they give her.

Todd H.

My daughter has been at Le Petit for almost 2 years now and we all love these great people. I feel my child is completely safe and engaged and LOVED by the great women who take care of these kids.

They’re absolutely wonderful & I cannot recommend them more highly.

Jon S.

Anies and her team run the best daycare on earth!

My daughter comes home with a long list of all the fun things she did during the day, including singing, dancing, art projects, story time, animals, soccer, gymnastics, and holiday and birthday celebrations.

Laura B.

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